Welcome to Vixin City's Adventure of an SP

Welcome to Vixin City's Adventure of an SP

How to convince a girl to swallow??


  So today I am going to shoot the shit about How to convince a girl to swallow? To get a girl to swallow........hmmmm well it is always good when the man eats a well rounded diet, meaning lots of fruits, and citrus fruites at that. Doing so will sweetin you cum, make it less bitter. Seamen from my own experience has a lagre flavour palett, from the bitter of bitter seamen to some pretty tastey seamen, nice and sweet and easy to get down!

Okay so we have the taste part down moving along now, now there are some girls who will let you blow your load in there mouth but will spit it out WTF is up with that??? The hardest part about swallowing, is getting it in your mouth, once its there it is normally easier just to swallow it all down, yum yum!  So if this your girl/SP, ''oh ill take your load in my mouth but I'm going to spit it all the fuck out'' explain to her - ' Hey babe you know the worst part is over, it's already in your mouth, just swallow it babe, for me?''
Now we move onto the girl/SP, who won't even allow cum in their mouth! This I highly don't understand. If a girl/SP is sucking cock with no condom, althroughout the bbbj the girl/SP is getting little mini loads of cum in there mouth thru- out the bbbj. Men have mini pre-cums, during sex or oral. So what I am saying is - Tell the Miss. that she is already doing so well with all my mini loads, why don't we try a full size load? 
And then there is Me, I swallow like a champ for the most part sometime I get one of those super bitter loads and it catches me of guard, oh my!  But I still swallow with a little wink ;)
Cheers, Enjoy, thats all for now Vixin City :)


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